Where in the World – Casablanca

This is the last instalment of Where in the World for a while. If you’ve got a city you’d like to contribute, please let me know and I’ll send you the sixteen questions. For now, here is my good friend Kali, talking about Casablanca, Morocco.

  1. Where do you like?

Casablanca, Morocco

2. How long have you lived there?

1.5 years

3. If you weren’t born there, why did you move?

A teaching job.

4. What is something your city is known for?

The movie “Casablanca”, even though none of it was actually filmed in Morocco.

5. When you travel outside your city (nationally or internationally) what form of transportation do you use most often?

Train within the country, airplane to other countries.

6. Within your city, what is the best form of transportation for getting around? Why?

Red Taxis because they’re very inexpensive.

7. Name and describe three things that, in your opinion, are “must sees” in your city.

  • Hassan II Mosque – absolutely beautiful design and colours. It’s the largest mosque in Morocco and has the tallest minaret in the world. It looks out on the Atlantic ocean.
  • The Old Medina – it’s the pre-twentieth century city, cheap Moroccan products if you’re good at bartering.
  • Rick’s Cafe – famous from the movie Casablanca.

8. Name and describe 3 things people should do in your city.

  • Take a tour of the Hassan II Mosque – it’s one of the few mosques in the world that non-Muslims can enter.
  • Eat couscous on a Friday (Holy Day)
  • Take a train from Casa Port of Casa Voyaguers to another city

9. What is one thing you haven’t seen or done in your city, but would like to?


10. Describe a special event that happens in your city every year.


11. What do you think are the three most common jobs in your city?

I honestly have no idea. Casablanca is the economic capital of Morocco, so probably a lot of bankers.

12. Where’s the best place to shop?

It depends what you’re shopping for. Morocco Mall, Anfa Place, Old Medina.

13. Where’s the best place to eat? Why?

Seoul Garden – I really like their Korean food.

14. In your opinion, where’s the best bar in town and why?

Irish Bar because of the atmosphere, Lescale for the prices.

15. If you could give a piece of advice to someone visiting your city, what would it be?

Don’t plan on spending too much time in Casa. It’s a very dirty city, and not a lot to do. I would recommend visiting one of the prettier cities in Morocco.

16. Anything else?

You should dress more conservatively than you would in a Western country.


Hassan II Mosque


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