Where in the World? – Tokyo

It’s the second instalment of my new series, Where in the World? Last time, my friend Carolyn wrote about our hometown of Ottawa. Today, Anna is writing about Tokyo. Anna and I used to teach together and Poland and I also once lived in the Tokyo suburbs. Enjoy

1. Where do you live?

Tokyo city, Tokyo, Japan.

2. How long have you lived there?

18 months.

3. If you weren’t born there, why did you move?

To see Japanese culture and work in a thriving Asian city.

4. What is something your city is known for?

The Arts, cultural exhibitions and festivals, great food, karaoke, fashion, and Japanese pop culture.

5. When you travel outside your city (other cities or countries), what form of transportation do you most often use?

Trains or planes.

6. Within your city, what is the best form of transportation for getting around? Why?

Subways or trains because they’re fast, efficient, economical and everywhere.

7. Name and describe 3 things that, in your opinion, are “must sees” in your city. 

  • The Imperial Palace
  • Shibuya crossing
  • Harajuku area

8. Name and describe 3 things people should do in your city. 

  • Go to a sushi train restaurant
  • Sing karaoke
  • Explore the Asakusa temple area

9. What is one thing that you haven’t seen or done in your city but would like to?

Visit Tokyo Disneyland.

10. Describe a special event that happens in your city every year. 

Matsuri is the end of summer and floats with shrines are carried around on people’s shoulders to the local temples for good luck.

11. What do you think are the three most common jobs in your city?

  • Salaryman, commercial business is number one (suits everywhere)
  • Factory workers in manufacturing
  • Sales

12. Where’s the best place to shop?

I like Futago Tamagawa. If you want high-end shopping, that’s in Ginza.

13. Where’s the best place to eat? Why?

I can almost guarantee you will never get food poisoning in Japan – food is exceptional here. Try it all!!

14. In your opinion, where’s the best bar in town, and why?

Best bar – craft beer breweries in Daikanyama or Omotesando areas can’t be beaten.

15. If you could give a piece of advice to someone visiting your city, what would it be?

Explore using the Yamanote line. It’s on a loop and connects many main centres with plenty of different options.

16. Anything else?

Learn some Japanese words and phrases, the locals appreciate it.



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