Where in the World? — Ottawa

I’ve decided to start a new series on my blog that I’m calling Where in the World? I’ve been lucky enough to live in many places, and travel to even more. I thought it might be cool to compose 16 simple questions about the city you live in, and send them out to my friends around the world, to see not only individual takes on various places, but also the similarities and difference between them. I’m not sure how regular this series will be (I’ll post answers as I get them) but I’ll tag all the posts with “Where in the World” so you can find them all together, if you want to read them all at once.

The first post in the series will fittingly be where it all started for me – my home town of Ottawa. These answers were sent to me by Carolyn, one of my longest friends and it was really interesting for me to see how she sees our city (and makes me want to go home and visit!). So, here is Ottawa from Carolyn:

1. Where do you live?

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

2. How long have you lived there?

Born and raised!

3. If you weren’t born there, why did you move?


4. What is something your city is known for?

Capital city of Canada.

5. When you travel outside your city (to other cities or countries), what form of transportation do you most often use?

Car – Canada is a huge country and great for road trips.

6. Within your city, what is the best form of transportation for getting around? Why?

Depends on what area of the city you’re in. The downtown core is very walkable and there are lots of bikes that you can rent. If you want to visit some of the smaller towns nearby, you’ll want a car.

7. Name and describe 3 things that, in your opinion, are “must sees” in your city.

Parliament buildings – It’s free, and the grounds are super accessible compared to other seats of government. It’s a heritage building, and there are free sound and light shows on summer evenings.

The Rideau Canal and Byward Market – Ottawa’s heritage is a lumber town and these are the remains of those days. Lots of great restaurants in the market and cool boutique shops. Rideau Canal is fun both summer and winter.

Gatineau Park – A huge piece of parkland, free to go through and park. Great for hiking and picnics. Near a historical site (former Prime Minister’s summer residence – also a fun visit). Ottawa is right on the edge of two provinces, Ontario and Quebec. Consider a mini-trip to the Quebec side and try the Nordic spa in Chelsea (Le Nordik) and the quaint village of Wakefield with awesome live music at The Black Sheep and good B&Bs.

8. Name and describe 3 things people should do in your city.

Music lovers must check out Live on Elgin. Great venue, huge variety of acts. Ask the bartender, Kirby, to make you a custom drink.

Foodies – we are fast becoming a foodie haven. Sidedoor is my pick for awesome food at a fair price. Tacos are out of this world. Consider also, Mena, in Little Italy, which offers tasting menu experiences.

Ladies who shop – Pom Pom on York. Really different clothing, jewelry, shoes and great prices.

9. What is one thing you haven’t seen or done in your city, but would like to?

Skiing. Great skiing in the area, but I can’t ski!

10. Describe a special event that happens in your city every year. 

Canada Day, July 1st. Huge party in the streets downtown.

11. What do you think are the three most common jobs in your city?

Government town for sure!

High tech

Other professional jobs (education, law etc)

12. Where’s the best place to shop?

Rideau Centre for malls, Pom Pom/Roadtrip/Zargara for clothes, Byward Market for souvenirs.

13. Where’s the best place to eat? Why?

As mentioned, Sidedoor is excellent, and Mena. Try also Must, Gezellig and Metropolitan. High class at Zoe’s and The Shore Club.

14. In your opinion, where’s the best bar in town, and why?

Live on Elgin for music, Pub Italia for vibe and beer selection.

15. If you could give a piece of advice to someone visiting your city, what would it be?

Dress warm if you come in winter!

Try the local music scene. Lots of options.

16. Anything else?

It’s got a good small-town/big-town feel.

Lots of green space.


Photo from ottawatourism.ca


Come back soon for more instalments of Where in the World? and why not go over to iTunes and check out Carolyn’s band, Arms of the Girl!!





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