Another Year

Ok, Kali for one, has been demanding a new blog post from me for several days, and I’ve been meaning to get back into it but with the first day of school being today the last few weeks have been rather hectic. However, here it is.

A recap of the summer. At the end of the school year I went right from Zurich to London, where I was lucky enough to go on a 5-day PD course based around Drama Therapy (or Dramatherapy if you’re British). It was an amazing course and something I’m considering pursuing further down the line, maybe as a Masters. In the meantime I plan to take the things I learned back into the classroom. If you’re interested at all, you can hear a really good explanation of what Drama Therapy for children is here.

After my week in London, I went home to Canada for three weeks to see family and friends. I did some camping, went to Toronto for the Pan Am Games, saw Newsies on tour  and generally just lazed around. It was nice and relaxing but really, really warm.

In the last week of July, my mom, my sister Laura and I went to New York City for four days. We took a 12 hour bus each way but it was totally worth it. We had been to NYC once before, about five years ago, and it rained practically the whole time. So we needed a repeat trip. This time it didn’t rain but I wish it had. It was 40-42*C with the humidity every day. And it was even worse because the heat had nowhere to go but get trapped in between all the buildings. Yuck. But luckily our hotel was air conditioned and we made the best of it, wandering around the (relatively) cooler Central Park, going on a walking tour and popping in and out of stores. I also took my mom and Laura to see Finding Neverland (the musical), which I had been wanting to see since before it opened in April of this year.

Originally I was going to take us to see Book of Mormon. Even though I’ve seen it twice in London, my mom really wanted to go and I would happily see it again (especially since Gavin Creel is back on the Great White Way) but the cheapest tickets for that show are $150!! Say what?! I have this internal (and sometimes not so internal) debate often with myself about which I prefer, The West End or Broadway and to be honest, if they had a love child I would go there and never leave, but cost is one thing TWE has up on B-Way and I don’t understand why. Riddle me this, internet. How come the cheapest tickets on Broadway are $95 (before tax) and the cheapest tickets on The West End are £19.50? I really don’t get it.

So we couldn’t see BoM, for obvious reasons (yes, I live in Switzerland but I’m not made of money) and went to see Finding Neverland instead, which as I said, I had been dying to see anyway so it worked out – for me at least – and I hope Laura and my mom liked it too (even though it wasn’t Book of Mormon). Also, this is the third Broadway show that I’ve seen (not counting tours) but it’s the FIRST time I’ve ever seen an Original Broadway Cast in full. Eek! I was pretty stoked about that too. The voices on the OBC album are the voices we saw on stage!

Anyway, I realize as I read this over that I’ve gone a bit fangirl on you right now so I’ll reel it in and simply say, the summer was a success and I came back to Zurich 6 days before I had to go back to work so that I had time to adjust (mostly). We had five days of in-service and today was our first day back with the kids. Here’s to another year.

My summer, brought to you by PicStitch:

New York City

New York City


Newsies on tour in Toronto.


Thanks to Christi for letting me have her extra ticket to the Pan Am Games.


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