Mission: Possible

Looking back over the posts of my last school year, I’ve noticed that I’ve posted a lot about my travels but have fallen short in posting about school/education-related things. This is going to be my new mission for the coming school year – make the posts more even. I’ll do my best.

Here’s my start. At the beginning of July, between school ending and going home to Canada to see my family, I spent a week in London doing a Dramatherapy (or Drama Therapy, if you’re in North America) course. It was basically an introductory, taster course for the Dramatherapy masters program. Dramatherapy can be used in a number of settings from private practice, to prisons, to hospitals, to schools and many more, with both adults and children. For a pretty good explanation of what dramatherapy is, in case you’re curious, and how it can be used with children and teens, you can watch this video.

My course ran from 10am-4pm for five days. I’m lucky that I didn’t have to pay for the course. The cost, as well as my flights and accommodation were being taken out of my PD allowance. Because of this, I chose to use my own money to go see three shows in the evenings. First I saw The Woman in Black, which was really scary. I know what you’re thinking, how can a play be scary? That’s what I thought too. It was. It was jump-out-of-your-seat scary. Second I went to Whose Line is it Anyway? Live, which was hilarious and brought me right back to my childhood. And third, I went to Let it Be, which I thought was supposed to be the story of the Beatles, set to Beatles music, like Jersey Boys or Beautiful. It wasn’t. It was actually just a Beatles concert – which was still good (the musicians were excellent) but I was a bit disappointed that there was no story.


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