At the Ballet

I made it to the Christmas holidays at my new school! Hurray! School ended at noon on Friday, and we had a staff lunch once all the kids were gone. People left the lunch at various times, heading home to pack for their travels. Most people who were going away were leaving at some point on Saturday. I was leaving on Saturday too, but not to go home.

Unfortunately again I won’t be going home for Christmas. Like I did two years ago for Debbie’s wedding in December, I’m going home for a weekend in January for my friend Asha’s wedding. Flying from Switzerland to Canada and back twice in the space of four weeks is not only crazy expensive but also exhausting so instead, I’ll be staying here for Christmas and I’ll see my family in January.

So where was I going? Geneva. On Saturday, I took the two and a half hour train ride to Geneva to see The Nutcracker by the Kiev Ballet. Originally I planned to stay a few days in Geneva and do some sightseeing but there’s a reason they say Geneva is one of the most expensive cities in Switzerland. Holy man. Two nights in a hostel – not a hotel, a hostel – cost the same as my round trip train ticket and my ballet ticket. So I decided to just stay the night (if the show had been a matinee I wouldn’t have even stayed the night).

I walked around the old town and by the water on Saturday afternoon after getting there. The weather was really nice and I didn’t even need a scarf. From what I saw of Geneva, it was nice, but it was dirtier than I’ve come to expect of Switzerland. Not any dirtier than other big cities, but just unexpected for a country that prides itself on being so clean. I think I like Zurich better.

The ballet was excellent, despite the fact the two children sitting behind me whispered through the whole performance, while their parents looked on.

I left Sunday afternoon, which turned out to be fine because it was raining anyway. I will spend this week enjoying Zurich before going to London for actual Christmas (if I can’t go home for Christmas, London is obviously the next best choice).

The photo obviously doesn't do it justice, but this was my train view the whole way.

The photo obviously doesn’t do it justice, but this was my train view the whole way.

Outside the theatre.

Outside the theatre.

My view.

My view.

Everything was beautiful at the ballet
Graceful men lift lovely girls in white
Everything was beautiful at the ballet
I was happy … at the ballet

– At the Ballet (A Chorus Line)


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