Tranquil as a Forest, But on Fire Within …

Ok, so Green School finished awhile ago and I’ve been pretty bad about updating the blog. In my defence, it’s the end of the year, report card writing time, packing up the classroom, packing up my apartment, closing my bank account blah, blah, blah.

However, most of that is done now (school ends tomorrow) and I’m here with the last entry about Green School. Like last year, we went to Sherwood Forest for our final day because the kids liked it so much before. And, like last year, the students received a letter from Robin Hood saying that he and his Merry Men need their help in defeating the Sheriff but he couldn’t show himself because the Sheriff is looking for him. So they need to train and he would be watching from the trees.

The kids practiced archery, a harness and trampoline contraption and, of course, the ropes course. Because the students are only 7 and 8 years old, they could only go on the lowest of the three levels, which is about a meter and a half off the group but that was plenty high for some of the more nervous ones.

But as the kids went through the rigorous course I could almost hear the great Disney songs being written as a montage of us training our little army flashed across the screen.

We managed to get through the whole day (and the whole Green School) with only one injury, which was a bee sting to the face about halfway through the day at Sherwood. Unfortunately this meant he had to sit out for a bit while the swelling went down, but soon he was back with the rest of them.

And the day ended with pizzas that were so big we probably could have fit one of the smaller children in the box. They were huge pizzas.

All in all, another successful Green School, and my last one at WIS.

Tranquil as a forest

But on fire within

Once you find your center

You are sure to win

– I’ll Make a Man Out of You (Mulan)


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