Pink Elephants on Parade

Just a quick update. We learned about the Asian and African elephants, both of which are endangered. In case you’re wondering about the difference – African elephants are smaller and brown; Asian elephants are bigger and grey. We discussed how things like piano keys and chess pieces used to be made of ivory and how people kill the whole animal just for the tusks. Our new vocabulary word was “poaching” and then we made these hand-print elephants with a savannah-esque background.

Done by one of my girls.

Done by one of my girls.

Then we did sea turtles. There are 7 species of sea turtle and 5 are endangered. Of course, the kids loved watching videos of the little babies making a break for the ocean across the beach. Did you know that the biggest sea turtle in the world (the leatherback) will grow to be the size of a dinner table? We also learned some shocking stats about how many sea turtles actually make it to breeding age. Our vocab word for this lesson was “conservation” and we made these fun turtles:

Found this idea on Pinterest

Found this idea on Pinterest

Also, I discovered I have the constant need to say “sea turtle” with a British accent. Why? Beats me.

They’re walking around the bed

On their head

Clippety, cloppety 

Arrayed in braid

Pink elephants on parade

– Pink Elephants on Parade (Dumbo)


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