Has Anyone Ever Read You a Fairytale?


Minnie Mouse!

This past week has been Book Week at our school. It came right on the heals of Brain Week, which was observed the week before. Some Brain Week activities included morning yoga for kids, dance parties to get the blood flowing, as well as learning about how our brain is a muscle and needs to be stretched and strengthened, like all muscles. 

For Book Week we did a lot of reading (I know, I was surprised too). We had moments of drop-everything-and-read time, which was a big hit in my class. The idea that I could tell them to stop what they were doing at any point during the day and take out a book for 10 minutes kept them on their toes. And when I did tell them to down tools in the middle of a math lesson and take out their books, they were shocked and delighted. “We’re reading? Now? But it’s math time!”



Other Book Week activities included parents coming in to “snuggle up and read” with students, kids bringing stuffed toys in to read to and a huge book sale of recycled books in a variety of languages. 

But the Piece de Resistence came on Friday, the last day of Book Week. It was Dress Like a Book Character day. And it was great. We got lots of princesses, a pirate, a Little Red Riding Hood and one clever little guy who had a giant golden key around his neck because he was from the Biff and Chip books!

Oh, and there were also these weirdos.



From left to right that’s Anna as TinTin, Maggie as Princess Elizabeth, myself as Dorothy Gale and Caroline, who went all out for Camilla Cream. As you can see I didn’t have a basket or stuffed dog at home, so I have a brown lunch bag with a handle and a tiny toy dog (which eventually was upgraded to a puppet dog from the Kindergarten room – thanks Maggie). 

Anyway, Brain Week and Book Week, both success stories. Now go read a book!!

Has anyone ever read you a fairytale

And taken you to places magical

Where homes are made of gingerbread

And skies are always blue

Where pumpkins turn to coaches

And wishes all come true

                                 – Once Upon a Time (Brooklyn)


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