So Dry

I apologize for not posting in a while. What can I say? The Olympics have been on. But now they’re winding down and I’m ready to write this post, which I’ve actually had waiting for a while, so here goes. 

Someone told me that Poland never has the same winter twice in a row. Clearly this is true. Last year it was cold, grey, dark, snowy and rainy (yes, both). It felt like winter. This winter has been a totally different story. 

I can only remember it snowing – like, so the snow sticks on the ground – twice. It’s been cold, but nowhere near as cold or windy as last year. I think it has rarely dipped below -5C which, let’s be honest, isn’t that cold at all. There have been some rainy days but that seems to be due, mainly, to the warmer weather. Also (and this might be the best change of all) it’s sunny!!! Not every day, but at least twice a week we have had blue sky. I’m sure it sounds like an exaggeration to say we didn’t see the sky from Nov.1 – Mar. 31 last year, but we actually didn’t. It was weird and depressing but we have definitely had some sunny days this year. Hurray!!

But there’s something else this winter has been – dry. SO dry. I started to notice it towards the end of January in my face, my lips and my hair mostly. I had trouble sleeping and I woke up every morning with a parched, sore throat. If I was staying in Poland for longer, I would go out and get a humidifier. But since I’m leaving in four months, there’s not really a point. So instead, I did this:



Yes, that’s a bowl of water on my radiator. There’s one on every radiator in my house. After a few days and a few refills, I started to feel better. Whether this is actually working or just a placebo, I don’t know but I’ve had to refill the bowls a couple times each so obviously it’s evaporating into the air. 

Anyway, I told Maggie about it and she claims it works too so maybe it does. Anybody have any other tips for a super dry winter? 


2 thoughts on “So Dry

  1. Yes I always thought the water on the register worked Keep yourself well hydrated, to the point of overkill We on the other hand have had excessive cold and lots of snow 😝 I hope your class is enjoying the Olympics

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