Olympic Torch Relay

We’re about to start our fourth week of school, which is crazy. The kids are starting to settle down (mostly) and we’re getting into a good math routine, which is nice. All I need to do is set a good language routine and then we’ll be flying (I hope).

As promised, I have an update on our Olympic unit. We made torches last week from coloured paper and learned about the torch and how it is a symbol of the Games. We were supposed to watch a short video clip of the torch relay for the London Olympics but we haven’t had working internet at the school for two weeks (I know), so instead I had to paint them a word picture and hope they got it.

Anyway, they made their torches and then we had a relay through and around the school. The students themselves planned the route and where the stops should be. Those who weren’t passing the torch were miming being fans watching, clapping and taking pictures.

I took photos of the kids “passing the flame” at each stop and they turned out really well. The display outside our classroom looks really good and you can’t even tell from the pictures how stressful the whole thing was for yours truly – which is a good thing I guess.


On a completely unrelated topic, look what I passed by on my way to get groceries yesterday morning. So many questions.



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