Expat Blog

Look! Look over there! On the right. No, farther down. See that blue suitcase? Under the Expat Women badge. It’s for a website called Expat Blog. Can you guess why it’s there? Two reasons.

First, Expat Blog is an excellent site. A while back I wrote about Expat Women and this new site is along the same lines. You can register for free and when you do, you enter the country you’re living in (ex. Poland) and then you get updates whenever something about Poland is posted or a new blog about Poland appears. You also have access to other users who live in Poland and you’ll get a feed of Polish news and all kinds of other cool stuff. And even if you don’t register, you can still use the site to look through (literally) thousands of blogs from all over the world by going to the “Destination” tab and then choosing a continent and country. There were countries that had people blogging that I honestly didn’t think would be there.

This Destination tab brings me to the second reason I have that blue suitcase on this page. My blog is on the website!! You can find it looking under Destinations > Europe > Poland (see!). It’s also currently on the main Destinations page under Latest Blogs. Woot. This is the second website (after Expat Women) that my blog has been put onto!


4 thoughts on “Expat Blog

  1. Hi Courtney,
    That’s really cool! How does it get picked up? Did you do anything or did someone simply see your blog and then ad it?


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