The Time Has Come …

I don’t know who the Walrus is in this situation (where’s John Lennon when you need him?) but I’m going to quote this poem anyway – “The time has come, the Walrus said …” I know that poem has absolutely nothing to do with the end of the school year (which is what this post will eventually be about) but I love that poem – it’s from my favourite book, after all (well, it’s from the sequel) and it popped into my head when I woke up this morning. 

ANYWAY. The time has come. It is the last day of school – and only a half day at that. The year is finally over and as cliche as it sounds, it went by really, really fast. Just to recap, here we go:

Move to Poland in August. 

Started classes in September (8 students). 

Went to Iceland in October (1 week). 

Got a new student at the end of October (9 students). 

Lost a student at the beginning of November (back to 8 students). 

Went to Dresden in December (1 day). 

Celebrated Christmas in Poland. 

Went to Canada for a good friend’s wedding at the end of December (Edmonton). 

Celebrated New Year on a plane, flying over Greenland. 

Went to Egypt in February (1 week). 

Turned 27 in Wroclaw, Poland. 

Spent a traditional Polish Easter with a family in Lublin (3 days). 

Went to Barcelona, Spain (1 week). 

Flew to London for the weekend to see a museum exhibit (David Bowie Is …)

Got a new student (back to 9).

And now I am getting ready for the last day of school. Eek! I would say all in all, a pretty successful year (though, of course, I have a long grocery list of things I will do differently/change with my class next year). 

Today, because our classroom is all packed up, we’re not going to do much of anything. We’ll spend the morning cleaning out anything left that needs to be taken home, then watch an episode of Magic School Bus, selected by my littlest one, who’s leaving for good. After recess we’ll watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the old one, because most of them have seen the new one) because we finished the book yesterday. And then it will be home time! 

I leave tomorrow at 10am to start my journey home. I will try to keep writing while I’m in Canada for the month of July, but as this blog is supposed to be about teaching and traveling, and I will probably be doing neither of those things, I make no promises. 

See you when I see you!!


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