Green School

I only have two days of teaching this week. Why? Because it’s Green School!! Green School is three days of activities all having to do with getting the kids outside and enjoying nature or the environment. The grades pair up and do different activities. Pre-K and K will be doing various activities outside at school on the first two days (including water play, if the weather’s nice) and I believe Pre-K are going to a farm on the last day. The Grade 3s and 4s are going on a three-day camping trip in the woods somewhere and Grade 5 is leaving today and spending five days at the lakes in Gdansk. 

Grades 1 and 2 (my grade) are going to a place called Indian Village on Wednesday. It’s right outside the city and I’m not sure exactly what it entails but from what I gather, they will be doing some traditional games and activities while outdoors. Instructors will be leading it (so all I need to do is supervise) and lunch is provided.

On Thursday, we will be going to the zoo, which is only two tram rides away and most of the kids have been there before, but who doesn’t love the zoo??? I know I sure do. 

On Friday, we will be going outside the city again to a place called Sherwood Forest (maybe Robin Hood had a Polish cousin?) where the students will be doing a ropes course. Looking at the pictures on the website, this seemed a little scary to me, but the lady assured me that because the children are so young, the ropes would be no more than 150cm off the ground. Still though, I’m glad I don’t have to participate. Again, instructors will be leading and lunch is provided. 

I really like the idea of Green School and I think it would be great for more schools to do. It’s the sister event to White School, which we hold in January. Just after returning from Christmas Break, the Grades 2-10 go on a three-day, overnight ski trip in the mountains. We had bad weather this year (ie. It was very cold and extremely foggy) but the kids didn’t seem to mind. 

All in all, I think it’s going to shape up to be a good week (knock on wood) and I’ll be sure to let you know how things go – especially Sherwood Forest, and what exactly this Indian Village is all about. 


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