Rain, Rain, Go Away

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the news, there has been some flooding in Europe recently – namely Austria, Czech Republic and Germany. We have had a very wet last few weeks and this means when the rivers overflowed from too much water, the ground was not able to absorb anything, because it was already saturated.

If you read the article that I linked to above, you can see that Germany and the Czech Republic have been hit the worst. Dresden (which is only a 2 hour drive from here) is preparing for several meters of water and luckily Prague’s defenses have held out and the city (which is also relatively close) is not submerged.

Will there be a flood in Poland? I sure hope not, though it’s been raining for the last 10 days. The photo in this article was taken in a place I am very familiar with, just a tram ride from me, on the way to the Rynek. Terrifying (though the picture does make you wonder, what are those people doing out with a baby carriage? Surely the flood wasn’t that sudden).

One place there is a flood in Poland is my balcony. I think it’s a mix of something being caught in my drain and the constant barrage of rainfall but there is at least 3 inches of water on my balcony. Forget bird bath, it’s like a bird swimming pool. Good thing the weather’s not warmer or I’m sure I would be breeding Malaria mosquitoes as we speak. And after touching the bottom of the balcony with my fingers – the tiles are slimy and the water is frigid – I refuse to walk over to the drain in my bare feet (my boots have a hole) to unplug it so hopefully the weather will clear up soon or I’m going to have to start ladling the water out.


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