I’ve started a new activity in my class. It’s called the Reading Rainbow Challenge (hands up if you ever watched Reading Rainbow). Basically, at the beginning of the month, each child is given a book (of the Junie B. Jones, Flat Stanley, Magic Treehouse variety). They can choose the book or they can ask me to choose for them. Every time they complete a book and the activity that goes with it (so I can check comprehension) they get a rainbow on the chart. At the end of every month, the students with the top three rainbows get a prize – a few sweets and funky pencils. Here are the results from February:

ImageAs you can see, I have some children who are extremely keen to read, and some who are not at all. I will admit that after the students got their prizes at the end of February, I am seeing more reading from some, but not all. As a rule, I generally stay away from bribes in my classroom. But if it’s promoting literacy, I’ll make an exception.

So if anyone knows any good activities for reluctant readers or worksheets/resources for post-reading activities, it would be much appreciated!


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